The future of hearing protection

Make communication possible in a noisy environment while remaining protected from hearing risks.

Each year in France, an average company would suffer a cost of €100,000 in terms of production losses linked to noise within the company.
70% of industries

do not equip with specific communicating headsets event though there is a need

1 active in 2

is bothered by noise in the workplace

  • Impacts at work
  • 1. Misunderstandings
  • 2. Aggression
  • 3. Tensions and conflicts
  • 4. Withdrawal
  • Daily impacts
  • 1. Weariness and irritability
  • 2. Hissing
  • 3. Deafness
  • 4. Stress
  • 5. Sleap disorders

Hearing protection solutions for industrial environments.

Safehear is a company that develops technologies and manufactures products in the field of employee protection.

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Louis, device that protects against hearing risks while facilitating communication.

Louis is the result of work carried out hand in hand with industrialists in order to best meet the needs of users.

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Versailles, the optimal charging and storage solution.

Versailles allows you to store, protect and recharge up to 4 of your Louis simultaneously.

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