Communicative noise-cancelling earpieces for noisy environments

News release


Safehear is a start-up that designs a communicating hearing protection system for industrial professionals. Safehear has teamed up with leading players in their markets (EarSonics, EFI Automotive, ST Microelectronics) through collaborations and partnerships to develop its solution.

Goal: Make communication possible in a noisy environment while remaining protected from hearing risks.

Louis' flyer

A word from our CEO, Héléna Jérôme.

We're very happy, after 2 years of R&D, to present you Louis, the future of hearing protection, made in France. Louis is the result of work carried out hand in hand with industrialists in order to best meet the needs of users.

Designed to equip people working in pairs in a noisy environment (80 to 100 dB) and needing to communicate, Louis takes the form of a small ergonomic box connected to a helmet made up of 2 earpieces providing hearing protection.

Our device captures only the voice in the middle of the noise pollution and transmits only this one to your interlocutor. The St. Louis system is a "Plug & Play" solution, which brings us closer to a natural communication experience, a parameter that is very important to us at Safehear.

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Our history

In 2018,

Noé, a friend of one of our founders, lost 20% of his hearing and suffered a perforation of his eardrum during a concert. Antoine, co-founder of Safehear, decided to use his skills in electronics to improve existing hearing protection.

One year later,

Antoine entered a competition, Antoine entered a student entrepreneurship contest where he presented his idea for a connected earpiece for the music world. Héléna, the current co-founder, joined his team and the adventure began! Safehear won the Innovative Business Model award at the end of this competition. After some reflection, Héléna and Antoine decided to turn Safehear into a real startup by joining the 1Kubator Lyon incubation program.

March 2020,

After a market study, Safehear pivots to address a need expressed by industry: workers' hearing protection isolates them and does not allow them to communicate in noise. This problem causes accidents, sometimes serious, and long-term occupational illnesses. The need is validated: Safehear began developing its first prototype to address this public health issue. Safehear won the UPICIL call for projects from the APICIL insurance group and received a grant and support from Valoritech.

July 2020,

Safehear signs a partnership with the INRIA Lyon research center and launches research on communication networks with the AGORA team. The start-up also joins ST Microelectronics' Innovation Booster program, which offers accommodation at the Grenoble site and technical support for the development and industrialization of prototypes.

November 2020,

Safehear is awarded the Deep Tech label by BPI France, giving it access to significant public funding. A first round of financing begins.

January 2021,

An industrial partnership is signed with Axandus, a subsidiary of the automotive manufacturer EfI Automotive, to begin industrialization of the first product. The functional prototype is tested in several industrial and construction companies.

Between February and August

The team grows! We recruit engineers and a marketing and sales team. The first fundraising is finalized and reaches 540K €.

In September 2021,

Our protection now has a name: Louis! This is a turning point for Safehear as product demonstrations at industrial companies accelerate and orders for delivery to customers in early 2022 are in place!


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