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Noise pollution in industry: Turnkey solutions

The solutions available to protect against noise in industry


Noise pollution in industry: Turnkey solutions

Noise pollution at work can have a negative impact on workers' health and productivity. This can lead to accidents, occupational illnesses, as well as significant costs for companies. This is why it is important to find solutions to fight against these noise nuisances. In this article, we'll explore the different options available to companies to protect their employees and improve their well-being.

The costs of accidents and occupational diseases

Accidents and occupational diseases related to noise pollution can cost up to €100,000 per person affected. Companies must therefore take into account the risks to the health of their employees, as well as the financial costs associated with them. By finding solutions to combat these noise nuisances, companies can reduce the associated risks and costs.

The obligations of the company according to the European directive

According to European Directive 2003/10/EC (transposed since 2006), the company has the obligation to equip its employees with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when the sound level exceeds 85dB, although it is recommended to wear as soon as the 75dB crossed. Companies should therefore be aware of this legal obligation and ensure that their employees are properly protected.

Identify the needs of employees according to their work environment

The choice of hearing protection in industry must be made according to the needs of the employees according to their work environment and the time and height of exposure to noise. For this, it is important to determine how many dB the employee is exposed to and how many hours per day, as well as his other needs/equipment to carry out his working day (glasses, mask, communication, gloves, etc.).

The different hearing protection solutions

When you have to work several hours, 5 days a week with hearing protection, in addition to protection, comfort must be essential. Thus, the work of the employee is not hindered. There are several solutions to protect workers against noise pollution.

  • Disposable or reusable earplugs

First of all, there are earplugs (foam plugs) which are ideal for a short duration. There are disposable or reusable. It is a very good option for occasional use and is inexpensive.

  • Custom molded earplugs

There is also the possibility of fitting custom molded earplugs, that is to say, adapted to the auditory canals of employees, for more comfort and protection.

  • Headset

Also, noise protection helmets considerably attenuate the surrounding noise, creating a bubble of insulation around the employee but making communication difficult.

  • Communicating solutions

Communicating solutions like Louis combine universal or personalized protection and the possibility of communicating thanks to an algorithm that targets the voice among all the surrounding noise pollution, and only transmits this to your interlocutors.

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